Soil and Water Conservation in Agroecosystems

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The research of the Group is oriented to the study and resolution of problems related to the use and conservation of soil and water resources in agroecosystems. To this end, activities are focused on the characterization of soil properties and processes affecting soil quality and sustainability (soil hydrophysical properties, soil organic matter and soil structure).


1.    Evaluation of the ability of different soil management systems to increase soil organic matter content and preserve soil structure.
M.V. López -

  • Assessment the potential of agricultural soils to store and stabilize organic matter, and enhance carbon sequestration in semiarid environments.
  • Characterization of soil organic matter under different management systems, with special attention to conservation tillage systems.
  • Characterization of size distribution, stability and mechanical properties of soil aggregates under different soil uses and management practices.
  • Study the effect of soil organic matter on soil aggregation and structural stability.

2.    Characterization of soil hydrophysical properties and soil water balance under different uses and managements.
D. Moret -

•    Characterization and modeling:
      - Soil hydrophysical properties
      - Soil water balance
      - Soil temperature
      - Soil reconsolidation processes and influence of root system

•    Development of field and laboratory techniques for measuring soil hydrophysical and structural properties:
      - Infiltrometry
      - Sorptivimeter
      - Pressure cells
      - Time domain reflectometry (TDR)
      - Photogrammetry