Research topics

Our contribution to the technological development of the agricultural sector must take necessarily into account not only the issues of interest to the sector but also our own capabilities.

Within this philosophy, we are concerned with three main objectives toward increasing the competitiveness of our farmers:

I.  Development of plant materials adapted to semi-arid temperate regions. 

  • Maintaining and exploiting natural genetic variability (biodiversity).
  • Generating new variability;  identification and selection of traits of interest.
  • Development of new plant materials.

II.  Knowledge of plant yield-limiting fundamental processes to optimize our agricultural systems.

  • Fundamental processes in plants: photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation.
  • Physiology of plants under abiotic stresses.
  • Optimization of plant nutrition in a sustainable agriculture context.
  • Reproductive biology.

III.  Development of environment friendly agricultural production systems.

  • Optimization of soil use, characterization, degradation and conservation.
  • Optimization of water use in irrigated agriculture.
  • Development of technologies for the main crops of our geographical area.