Experimental Farm

Field research is conducted on a 60 hectares (ha) experimental farm, with 47 ha of irrigated land next to the EEAD main building and 13 ha of dryland farming located 5 Km Northeast of the EEAD.

Currently, about two thirds of the farm's area is used for field experiments performed by the EEAD research groups , while the remaining land is either left fallow or given over to crop rotation cultivation.

There are different farm facilities which include the experimental farm itself, the main farm house (headquarters), several machinery storage buildings and warehouses and a workshop for the maintenance and repairing of agricultural machinery.

The farm has weather reporting capabilities through the station no. 9499 of the Spanish National Meteorological Agency (AEMET). This station, which is now fully automated and located in the northern side of the farm house, has been operating since 1950. http://notos.eead.csic.es:8000/meteo

The Field Research Support Unit (FRSU) assists with the necessary operations for field experimentation programmes performed by research groups within the three Institute's research lines.