Fecha: 25/06/2021
Hora: 12:00

SEMINARIOS EEAD: NLPs in N2-fixation, at the crossroads of nitrate signalling and the hypoxic response

Jeremy Murray  (Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science | The Chinese Academy of Sciences - John Innes Centre)

Título: NLPs in N2-fixation, at the crossroads of nitrate signalling and the hypoxic response

Fecha: Viernes 25 de junio de 2021, a las 12:00 h.

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Leghemoglobins enable endosymbiotic N2-fixation in legume nodules by channelling O2 for bacterial respiration while maintaining a microoxic environment to protect O2-sensitive nitrogenase. We show that the NIN-like Protein (NLP) transcription factors directly activate expression of leghemoglobins through a 50 bp promoter motif resembling a ‘double’ version of the Nitrate Responsive Elements (NREs) targeted by other NLPs that has conserved orientation and position across legumes. CRISPR-KO of the NRE-like element resulted in strongly decreased expression of the associated leghemoglobin.

Our findings indicate that the NLP2-leghemoglobin module for O2-buffering in nodules likely arose from a seed-expressed NLP regulating a class II non-symbiotic hemoglobin gene (nsHb), which in turn arose from a more ancient pairing of NLPs with class I nsHbs that function in hypoxia.